About Headstone Hunters

Who are Headstone Hunters?

Headstone Hunters is a community of cemetery, history, and story enthusiasts headed by Vivian Tolbert.

What do Headstone Hunters do?

Headstone Hunters are historians and genealogists who believe everyone deserves to be remembered. We visit cemeteries across the world in order to capture information from gravesites. Through photography, transcription, and GPS mapping, we ensure every detail is accurately recorded. This data is then digitally shared on Find a Grave, Billion Graves, Family Search, and Ancestry platforms, providing universal access to memorial information. We also make videos and blog posts about our favorite cemetery adventures and stories. In our videos, we reveal fascinating headstones and research the lives of people who lived long ago.

Our Mission Statement

To preserve vital information for deceased individuals by documenting gravesites in cemeteries across the world.

Can I be a Headstone Hunter?

Absolutely! We are always eager to add to our Headstone Hunters family. A Headstone Hunter is anyone who loves exploring the past, especially through cemeteries, and this can include you. You can be a Headstone Hunter by following us on our social media platforms and interacting with us online. We would also love to hear your stories about your favorite headstones, cemeteries, and experiences. Send them our way on Facebook and Instagram.